•Ideal for coffee bags. •Fix sealing temperature, controlled by EGO. •Easy to operate. •Enhance the value of bags. •Air can be out, no in. •Need to prepare an extra air compressor. •Please provide the air valve for making air valve seat and testing.

• Sealing machine of antiseptic bags made in Taiwan. • Machine made of aluminum alloy material, suitable for medical pouches sealing, keeps hygiene and safety. • Electronic constant temperature control, high quality of steady seals, which gives consistent and trim result every time. •

Wu-Hsing made "Non Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer" is made in Stainless Steel, no rust. Sealing width: 5mm. Pump has stronger capacity can be vacuum & sealing 2-4 bags once. Ideal for Vacuum embossed (channelled) bag, Nylon gusset bag, Alum. Foil gusset bag. Suitable for Home using & small busi